The E-Z Lok insert (shown below) is a replaceable set of threads in the center of your Grinding Table. The images below will show the location of the E-Z Lok with the Table Top removed. (NOTE: It is NOT always necessary to remove the table top when removing and inserting a new E-Z Lok.) 

The E-Z Lok Removal Tool is included with your Flywheel Grinder to assist with inserting a new E-Z Lok and with removing a worn E-Z Lok. You’ll notice from the photo below that the E-Z Lok is coated with a red material. This material will effectively “Glue” the E-Z Lok threads into place.

Below, you see the E-Z Lok tool provided with your flywheel grinder.  It is specially designed to grip the inside of the E-Z Lok insert so that you can tighten or loosen it.  

If you have difficulty breaking an old E-Z Lok free to remove it, use a Butane or Acetylene torch to heat the area around the outside where the arrow in the photo below indicates.  This will release the red glue-like materals grip and allow you to easily remove the old E-Z Lok.  We recommend removing the table top as is shown in the photo.  It lifts straight up off the spindle after removing the 4 allen bolts that attach it to the spindle.  Because this table top rides on a bath of oil there will be some suction that you must break to get the top off. The top is quite heavy as well.  A wood block and pry bar may be used to help break the vapor lock.  Work carefully and lift it straight up.

Do not overheat.  Be cautious using a flame near the table lubricant.  And allow to cool fully before inserting a new E-Z Lok.