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Friday, September 30 2016 @ 08:23 AM CDT

The Kwik-Way Model 104 Brake Lathe

NEW Heavy Duty Options

The World's Fastest Brake Lathe , for Machining Rotors and Drums

Made In America

A Machinist Dream Come True!

The 104 combination lightning lathe has the unique feature of infinitely variable spindle speed and cross feed speed without changing belt or pulley positions or using shift leavers.

The operator can change spindle speed and feed rates with a simple "turn of the dial" to assure proper finish. Competitive machines that require manual belt and gear ratio adjustment are slower and more complex to operate. If not adjusted properly this can have a negative affect on surface finish and tool bit life.

If you wanted to own
The "Worlds Best" Brake Lathe regardless of cost,
The Lightning Lathe
is the machine you would choose!


with Kwik-Way you can own the best for less.

The Lowest Cost
American Made Brake Lathes
on the Market Today.

Total Operator Control

All brake lathes must deal with variables that cause vibration and chatter resulting in poor finish. Feed rate, depth of cut, spindle speed, and rigidity of the work piece all come into play when servicing a drum or rotor. No other brake lathe allows the operator as much command over these variables as the Kwik-Way 104 Bench Lathe. With its variable speed adjustment the Kwik-Way Lightning Lathe eliminates vibration and gives a finish that meets or exceeds all OEM specifications for (RMS) surface finish regardless of rotor or drum size.

Tooling to Fit Your Needs

The 104 lightning lathe has 3 different tooling kits from which to choose for machining rotors and drums on most passenger cars and trucks up through one ton. Optional tooling is available for larger trucks and special applications. The 104 lightning brake lathe has no gears or transmissions. The spindle, which runs on industry leading Heavy Duty Timken bearings, and the dove tail cross slides are each powered by their own motor. Utilizing a cogged belt and idler pulley system insuring consistent and smooth operation.

Form and Function Design Like No Other Brake Lathe

Speed, Size, Function, Convienence, Longivity, and built on a very solid cast iron base, are all considered in the design of the Model 104 "Lightning Lathe" by Kwik-Way Products Inc.

Attention to Detail

The Model 104 Lightning-Lathe is equipted with two Industrial Grade Lamps instead of one, like is found on most other Break Lathes. This allows the operator to easily see both sides of the work piece without having to adjust and re-adjust the light all the time. It also speaks to how much thought has gone into the design of this machine. This is truely a Brake Lathe Machine designed like no other. Everything that is important has been considered on this Brake Machine.

Convenience with Everything You Need at The Machine

A machine mounted tool board is included with every Lightning Lathe to keep the most frequently used tooling at eye level and quickly accessable to the operator. Other manufacturers charge extra for the conveniences you need to be as efficient as possible. Dovetail Way covers are made of a flexible rubber composite material to ensure that the Ways, Lead Screws, and Feed Nuts are kept free of foreign material protecting the moving parts of the machine. The Way Covers are durable and extrememly long lasting.

The optional Heavy Duty Bench provides additional storage for tooling and accessories as well as mounting the lathe to a sturdy platform at a good working height.

  • Make Machining Rotors and Drums Profitable !

  • Cut Your Machining Time on Most Rotors and Drums to ONE MINUTE or Less !

The days of 5 to 12 minutes per Drum or Rotor are gone forever. In todays fast paced world, every minute you shave from a job is money in your pocket and the Kwik-Way 104 Lightning Lathe is, by far, The Worlds Fastest Brake Lathe!

An Industry Leading and Exclusive 521 Warranty

Kwik-way's industry leading and exclusive 521 warranty gives you a 5 year warranty on spindle, spindle bearings, and housing. A 2 year warranty on all other mechanical parts and a 1 year warranty on the motor and electrical components, including labor.

Need some Good Reasons to Buy a Kwik-Way Model 104 Lightning Lathe?


Increase shop efficiency & productivity - work piece machining in "One Minute"


Variable Speed Spindle Control matches feed rate for perfect finish every time on all diameter drums & rotors.


A proven history of innovative design and high quality manufacturing from Kwik-Way since 1920.


Solid cast iron Dovetail Way construction assures years of vibration and trouble free operation.


Positive rake tooling for optimum finish with a single pass, regardless of the depth of cut.


Single tool Set-up using only one wrench. No additional hand tools to keep track of.


A tool storage rack is conveniently mounted on the machine for easy access to cones, clamps, and spacers.


Heavy duty Timken bearings assure long term and accurate spindle life.


Three Tooling Packages available for selection to meet your specific shop requirements.


The longest (5 yr) warranty protection of any Brake Lathe in the industry.

But How Does The Lightning Lathe Compare?

Here is a Comprehensive Comparison Chart for you.


  Lightning Lathe ACCU 8944 Ammco 4000 - Basic JBC 801 Perf. Hoffman P401 Hunter BL500 RELS 2000
Rotor Dia. Capacity 4-24" 24" 13" 24" 30" 6-23" 17"
Rotor Surface Width Capacity 5" 4.5" 3.75" 6" 5" 5.375" 3"
Rotor Thickness Capacity 2.85' 2.25" 1.75" 2.5" 3" 2" 2.5"
Rotor Feed Speed/Rev. .000-.026" .001-.010" .002-.010" .010-.022" .001-.010" .002-.014" .0-.010
Drum Diameter Capacity 6-28" 6-28" 6-28" 6-28" 6-28" 6-28" 6-28"
Drum Feed Speed/Rev. 0-.026" .0015-.015" .002-.008" .010-.022" .0012-.012" .002-.014" .0-.010"
Drum Cutting Depth 9" 6" 6.75" 9" 9" 8" 6.875"
Flywheel Capacity 6-28" 6-24" 6-17.5" 6-24" 6-30" not recommended not recommended
Flywheel Surface Capacity 6" 6" 3.75" 6" 5" not recommended not recommended
1" Arbor Weight Load 150 lbs 150 lbs 100 lbs 150 lbs 150 lbs 200 lbs 150 lbs
Spindle Speed 20-300 rpm 100-150-200 rpm 90-115-150 rpm 90-140-220 rpm 85-110-140 rpm 85-110-175 rpm 150-200 rpm
Positive Rake Tooling yes yes no yes yes yes no
Single Cut Operation yes yes no yes yes yes yes
Machine Weight 490 lbs 474 lbs 365 lbs 405 lbs 405 lbs 435 lbs 375 lbs


As you can clearly see
The Lightning Lathe is the Fastest Lathe !


Having the Fastest Lathe means
More Jobs

and More Jobs mean
More Profits!

There are other Brake Lathes on the market for as much as $8,000, $9,000, and even $10,000 Dollars that don't compare to the Kwik-Way Model 104 Lightning Lathe.

  • They Can't Turn a Brake as Fast!

  • They Don't Have The Fine Tuning of Variable Speed!

  • They Don't Have as Long a Life Span!

  • They Don't Come with 5 Year Warranty Protection!

  • They Just Can't Compete!

Are You Ready to Own






All Kwik-Way Brake Lathes Proudly "MADE IN THE USA"


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